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     Company ProfileSunhy Biology Co., Ltd is a high technology company focusing on modern biotechnology R&D, production, and sales of enzymes to provide customers with secure, high-efficiency, and eco-friendly solutions. Founded in 2000, Sunhy has become one of the most competitive providers of enzyme-related products and services in China.



    Sunhy is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 etc., and FAMI-QS and has been selling to over 20 countries in East Europe, Latin America, South-east Asia, etc. Sunhy R&D center has been recognized as an internationally leading platform, with the most advanced biotech instruments and the competent team responsible for innovation research and industrial transformation. Sunhy has also been certified as a national standard-maker for enzymes and participated in several national scientific projects in the enzyme field.


    Company Profile

    Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd

    Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd. focuses on enzymes such as phytase, xylanase, protease, and customized compound enzymes.

    Company Profile

    Sunhy Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd.

    Sunhy Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd. focuses on functional feed additives for livestock and aquaculture such as probiotics, acidifiers, and emulsifiers.

    Company Profile

    Hubei Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Hubei Shenzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. focuses on functional feed additives such as sodium butyrate, organic chromium, and urease inhibitor.

    Sunhy Trading(Wuhan)Co., Ltd.

    Sunhy Trading (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is responsible for exporting products produced from Sunhy Biology, Sunhy Technology, and Shenzhou Chemical.




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