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    With the development of knowledge-based economy and economic globalization, the capital-based competition law has been transferred to talent competition. Quality of talent, is the era of knowledge-based economy competition. Xinyang Yang is the first valuable resource, as long as a high-quality talent, what miracles can be created. Xinhua Yang talent strategy is the development needs, but also the company management to a more standardized, more mature inevitable.

    Value creation is the only measure of talent.

    A person with higher academic qualifications, quality, no matter how good, ability and then large, if not converted into real value creation, at best, is only a potential talent. For enterprises, talent is not only able to do things in their own posts, but also according to their own judgments and efforts for the company's interests and success to do need to do.

    We advocate free competition and personal struggle; advocating adventure and entrepreneurship; to encourage the pursuit of the cause, emphasizing the rich life from hard work; stressed that the individual's ability, perseverance, wisdom and determination; focus on rational analysis, practical and work efficiency; Stressed the sense of mission and sense of responsibility to the community. Xin Hua Yang's purpose is to provide talents for the talent stage, to meet the two basic mental state of mind: to achieve their own value; access to a decent personal income.

    Selection mechanism

    Companies to adopt a fair, just and open selection mechanism, to merit, only, the only performance for the principle. We attach importance to the people around us to encourage "horse racing"; we recruit talented people to encourage "competition."

    Training mechanism

    1) to develop career planning. We help everyone who comes to Xinhuajian to know themselves, to understand the professional environment, to establish career goals, to identify career paths, to develop work plans, learning and training programs. Performance is a hallmark of a successful career; happy work and full achievement is a successful career.
    2) training and learning, to enhance capacity. According to the corresponding career planning at different levels, different content, different nature of the training.
    3) can post to match, play to the director. Talent is only used in the right position to play to his greatest advantage. Xin Hua Yang to encourage creative work, and constantly develop the potential talent to increase the sense of accomplishment of the work of talent, responsibility and mission.

    Throughout the development trend of the new Hua Yang talent incentive, highlighting the performance of the "three incentives", namely: "people of the incentive, capital incentives, Chih-based incentives." These three models together constitute a talent incentive system, experienced from the emotional mechanism, incentive mechanism, the cause of the mechanism of the evolution of the shareholding system, with a large number of Xinhua Yang common growth of the "Hua Yang", these people are Xinhua Yang's wealth, They are in the achievements of the enterprise at the same time also created their own.

    Xinhuayang strive to create a good working atmosphere, with the culture of employees and enterprises are closely linked together; through the establishment of learning organizations, and constantly upgrade their professional skills and professional quality, we strive to do:

    1) to give appropriate positions, to bear their own ability to play a better work, at work can fully reflect their own value;
    2) to obtain a more decent salary;
    3) listen to the views and suggestions of talent, and talent to pay close friends, respect for talent;
    4) to establish a win-win situation partnership partnership.

    Xin Hua Yang talent strategic planning is to adapt to the strategic planning of the Group, do a good job for enterprises to absorb and cultivate a truly professional talents of the work.

    With the expansion of the company, in the next 3-5 years, the total number of employees is expected to double the original double.

    With the further strengthening of senior management team, in addition to our internal training, selection of a number of qualified, comprehensive quality of staff to enrich the corresponding positions, but also for the community to absorb a number of professional quality, management experience of talents into Xinhua Young's management team.

    In addition the company every year from the national college graduates, in addition to requiring professional counterparts, but also focus on the overall quality and ability of graduates, their achievements in school and social practice will be the basis for our reference.

    The company's future depends on the success of every employee. The company planned a series of management and professional duties series, to provide smooth flow of staff development and sustainable development space. In addition to a number of vocational skills, the basic quality of training, the company will pay more attention to the entire enterprise management capabilities. On the one hand, extensive use of social resources, hire well-known lecturers to the enterprise training; the other hand, train an excellent team of training instructors, the training is truly implemented, and achieved some results.

    The company is accelerating the pace of human resources management, the formation of appropriate talent echelon. We require senior management in the enterprise to develop their own "gravedigger" to ensure the smooth flow of talent

    With the building of enterprise culture platform, consolidate the human resources application platform. That is, under the banner of culture, do a good job of performance management, pay management, staff training, career design and other human resource management specific methods and measures for the new Hua Yang talent to provide unlimited potential development platform to achieve talent " Round dream ", so that employees rooted in the Xinhua Yang, the staff of the round in the Xinhua Yang!

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