Sunpro (Sunhy Protease)

Product description

Protein feedstuff price are consistently increasing in recent years. Besides, public concerns regarding the environmental impact of animal industry has urged the need to reduce nutrients in the waste generated by food animal. However, valuable amounts of protein pass the GIT without being completely digested. Using exogenous proteases Sunpro (Sunhy protease) in feeds can solve this problem.


Specification & Recommended Dosage

Ultrafine granule form, 50,000U/g, 30-60 g/ MT complete feed.





Can act on a broad range of dietary protein substrates.
Broad pH adaptability in the digestive tract.
Resistant to gastric acid.
Good storage stability.





Increase the digestibility of protein in feed and promote the growth performance.
Reduce production costs by increasing the efficiency of feed utilization.
Degrade antinutritional factors such as soybean protein antigen, trypsin inhibitors.
Strengthen the immune system and keep the animal healthy.
Reduce the total content of nitrogen in faeces and thereby meet the societal demand for a decreased nitrogen excretion.




Feeding Trial

Sunpro improved growth performance of piglets (Conducted in China, 2016)

Sunpro (Sunhy Protease)



Packaging & Storage

25 kg/bag.
Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 12 months in original packing when stored in cool (<25ºC) and dry place.

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