Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)

Product description

Sunxy is a highly efficacious xylanase in degrading both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylan, the most important anti-nutritional factor in cereals such as wheat, rye and triticale and cereal by-products. By breaking down the cell walls, more enfolded nutrients are available and the animal heath and growth performance are improved. The application of Sunxy increases cereal by-product usage in animal feed and reduces feed costs significantly. 


Specification & Recommended Dosage

Solid and liquid form, 10,000U/g or mL,
100-400 g (mL) / MT complete feed.



Higher endo- / exo-xylanase activity.
Effectively degrade both soluble and insoluble arabino-xylans, with beneficial xylobiose and xylopentaose as the main hydrolysates.

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)

Optimal activity at neutral pH, which ensures prolonged action on the substrates in gastrointestinal tract.
Better heat stability.
Lower sensitivity to xylanase inhibitors.



Reduce viscosity of chyme to improve nutrient utilization of feed.
Break down cell walls of cereal to improve nutrient release and digestibility.
Improve animal uniformity and growth performance.
Increase cereal by-product usage and reduce feed cost.



Feeding Trial

Sunxy improved growth performance and dressing performance of male broilers (Conducted in Israel, 2010)

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)



Packaging & Storage

25 kg/bag for solid product; 25 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum &1,000 kg/drum for liquid product.
Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 12 months for solid products and 6 months for liquid product in original packing when stored in cool (<25ºC) and dry place.

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