Sunphase (Sunhy Phytase)

Product description

Sunphase is a kind of phytase produced by advanced bio-engineering technique, which ensures Sunphase a better phytase in effectively increasing availability of phosphorus, reducing inorganic phosphorus usage in animal diets and improving animal performance as well as decreasing feed cost in an eco-friendly way.



Sunphase, solid and liquid form, 5,000 and 10,000 U/g or mL.
Sunphase HT(heat stable phytase), ultrafine granule form only, 5,000 and 10,000 U/g.
Sunphase A (neutral phytase for aquaculture), solid and liquid form, 2,500 U/g or mL.

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)

Sunphase/Sunphase A granule            Sunphase HT ultrafine granule




Ability to survive a wide range of pH.
Better resistance to endogenous enzymes in the animals.
Better resistance to the trace element in the feed.
Higher purity and stability for liquid phytase.
Better heat stability at relatively high temperature (Sunphase HT). 
Ultrafine granule to provide excellent flowability to improve mixing uniformity in feed (Sunphase HT).




Increase the bioavailability of dietary phosphorus.
Improve the utilization of dietary minerals, energy and amino acids.
Decrease the feed cost by reducing the usage of dicalcium phosphate (DCP) or monocalcium phosphate (MCP).
Reduce the excretion of faecal phosphorus and benefit the environment.



Recommended Dosage

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)



Feeding Trial
Sunphase improved broiler performance with insufficient P and Ca (Conducted in Mexico, 2016)

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)

Sunphase improved layer performance, nutrients digestibility and bone mineral content with insufficient P and Ca (Conducted in Russia, 2013)

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)



Packaging & Storage

25 kg/bag for solid product; 25 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum &1,000 kg/drum for liquid product.
Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 12 months for solid products and 6 months for liquid product in original packing when stored in cool (<25ºC) and dry place.

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