HyGacid (Feed Acidifier)

Product description

According to the physiological and digestive characteristics, nutritional requirements and feed processing technology of young animals and animals under stress, we developed HyGacid, a kind of effective compound feed acidifier.



Reasonable formula, special fragrance, suitable acidity and good effect on food calling.
Active ingredients are inactive in solid state, avoiding reacting with other nutrients (such as choline, vitamins, CaCO3, etc.) in feed processing process, and may be released in the specific site of the digestive tract.
Stable quality and no corrosion to the equipment.



Acidize feed, improve palatability, increase feed intake.
Lower pH of gastrointestinal, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and pepsinogen, as well as activate pepsinogen, promote the development of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive enzyme system.
Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduce trophic diarrhea.
Inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria and promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, prevent bacterial diarrhea.
Inhibit the mold growth in the feed and prolong the shelf life.


Recommended Dosage

HyGacid (Feed Acidifier)

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