HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate)

Product description

HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate, C4H7O2Na) can provide energy for the rapidly dividing cells, such as intestinal epithelial cell and activated lymphocyte etc., promote the development and maturity of the intestinal mucosa, repair mucosal damage caused by weaning, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, while promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and thus reduces diarrhea of weaned piglet and enhances the growth performance.



Uncoated HyTestin (98U) is white powder with special ester smell.
Coated HyTestin (50C / 90C) is white granule with slight butyric acid smell.
Stable to light and heat; solution shows slight alkaline.




Provide energy for intestinal epithelial cell, promote the development of the intestinal mucosa, repair damages and activate lymphocyte.
Promote the proliferation of beneficial microflora and maintain balance of micro-ecology.
Alleviate weaning stress and diarrhea, increase livability of weaned pigs.
Enhance feed palatability and feed intake, improve growth performance.
Increase the concentration of volatile fatty acids in the intestinal tract and lower the pH.
Strengthen the non-specific immunity in the intestine and maintain intestinal health.
Act synergistically with antibiotics and inhibit harmful bacteria.




HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate)



Recommended Dosage

HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate)

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