Sunphase (Sunhy Phytase)

Sunphase is a kind of phytase produced by advanced bio-engineering technique, which ensures Sunphase a better phytase in effectively increasing availability of phosphorus, reducing inorganic phosphorus usage in animal diets and improving animal performance as well as decreasing feed cost in an eco-friendly way.

Sunzyme (Sunhy Customized Enzymes)

Why use Sunzyme?
Plant source feed ingredients are rich in non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), which negatively affect the utilization of nutrients and animal performance. NSPs are consisted of cellulose,hemicellulose and pectin.


HyProbo is a type of microbial feed additives, consisted of high-active probiotics originated from animal’s intestinal tract and manufactured by fermentation at high cell density. Through strain screening and special post-processing technique, HyProbo has good stability, which can be pelletized at high temperature and be resistant to the gastric acid and bile salt. By rapid colonizing in animals’ intestine, HyProbo can enhance the intestinal health and the immunity of animals, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and improve the animal performance as well as the rearing environment. HyProbo can be suitable for use in concentrates, premixes and complete feeds.

HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate)

HyTestin (Sodium Butyrate, C4H7O2Na) can provide energy for the rapidly dividing cells, such as intestinal epithelial cell and activated lymphocyte etc., promote the development and maturity of the intestinal mucosa, repair mucosal damage caused by weaning, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, while promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and thus reduces diarrhea of weaned piglet and enhances the growth performance.

HyUrit (Urease Inhibitor)

HyUrit is an inhibitor of urease, with acetohydroxamic acid (C2H5NO2) as the active ingredient. It can inhibit urease activity in rumen, slow down the generation of ammonia, to match ammonia release with its uptake by rumen microorganism, so as to prevent animal from ammonia toxicity.

HyDrolip (Feed Emulsifier)

Hydrolip is a compound feed emulsifier specialized to improve the availability of fat in feeds. This product is capable of emulsifying fats so as to improve the availability of fats and fat-soluble nutrients in feeds, such as fatty acid, monoglyceride, phospholipid, cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins, carotenoid and the like, and it is effective in promoting the absorption of fats and energy transformation in feeds.

HyLellow (Tartrazine)

HyLellow (Tartrazine, C16H9N4O9S2Na3) is an effective feed pigment, with good solubility, low dosage and high safety.

HyChrom (Chromium Picolinate)

HyChrom (Chromium Picolinate) is an efficient source of organic chromium. As the active component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF), Cr3+ can promote the binding of insulin to cell receptor, stimulate the intake of glucose and protein, and regulate the metabolism of nutrients; and thus significantly improves carcass quality, reproductive performance and antibody level, alleviates the stress, promotes growth and feed efficiency.

HyGacid (Feed Acidifier)

According to the physiological and digestive characteristics, nutritional requirements and feed processing technology of young animals and animals under stress, we developed HyGacid, a kind of effective compound feed acidifier.

Sunxy (Sunhy Xylanase)

Sunxy is a highly efficacious xylanase in degrading both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylan, the most important anti-nutritional factor in cereals such as wheat, rye and triticale and cereal by-products. By breaking down the cell walls, more enfolded nutrients are available and the animal heath and growth performance are improved. The application of Sunxy increases cereal by-product usage in animal feed and reduces feed costs significantly.

Sunpro (Sunhy Protease)

Protein feedstuff price are consistently increasing in recent years. Besides, public concerns regarding the environmental impact of animal industry has urged the need to reduce nutrients in the waste generated by food animal. However, valuable amounts of protein pass the GIT without being completely digested. Using exogenous proteases Sunpro (Sunhy protease) in feeds can solve this problem.
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